I Have Another Passion

I have a passion... and that is taking images of mothers with their children, grandmothers with their grandchildren, fathers with their children, grandfathers with their children.

Well... you get the idea.

This passion comes from discovering that I don't have any pictures with my parents ALONE, as a child or as an adult. How is that possible? I have two images of my whole family, but not with each one of my parents or my grandparents. Now they are gone and I can't get the moment back. Of course in the day of digital cameras in your pocket, you say,

"Why should I hire a professional photographer? I have a camera with me all the time and I am always taking photographs.

Good question.

A few answers are:

...although you have a camera, I have spent years practicing, training, and developing the skill of taking a photograph that you will want to blow up and frame and hang on your wall.

...YOU can be in the picture too.

...Your children will show their best selves when someone else is doing the photographing. (Hopefully)

....Even though your cell phone may take great pictures, my gear is developed to take a higher quality photo, especially for enlarging.

...Post-processing can improve an image, remove unwanted objects or even add things.

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